Clean Energy is China's sword to kill the West - Ask Abe

Global News reported:

The International Energy Agency (IEA) warns in a new report ... that clean energy supply chains could become unstable if investment remains concentrated in China.

“Clean energy supply chains today are highly concentrated. China has an outsized presence. It has huge shares of global manufacturing capacity for solar PV modules and batteries (75 per cent) as well as a very strong position in the refining and processing of critical minerals,” ...

“This makes the entire system vulnerable ... "

So, China manufactures and controls 75% of Green Energy (minus hydro and wind). That is complete dominance of this new global industry. I often wondered how this Green Movement with it's illogical push to rearrange the global economy managed to gain traction. These things take money. Lots of money. I wondered who was funding the global propaganda to convince 1st world countries that they should return to the 3rd world lifestyles that their great grandparents endured? Now it seems apparent. It is directed by China. 

The Western world (actually the entire world) is being prodded and brainwashed by Chinese propaganda. Politicians are being paid off to change policy and legislate fake carbon crap taxes which will pummel their economies. They make international treaty's like the Kioto protocol or the Paris accord that funnel billions of dollars out of the West and into the Chinese military. YouTube and Facebook have been paid off and censor any "climate deniers". I remember when Google corp. even helped China construct it's Great Firewall; Yes, Google conspired with the CCP to shroud the citizens of China in a cloud of disinformation. And they did it for money. You don't think that they'd do it to us as well do you? Well, I'd say they already have.

Look at President Biden: owned by China. Look at Prime Minister Trudeau: when he first took office he did a little fundraising by selling grossly overpriced tickets to a banquet, many of these were quickly purchased by CPP members. I wonder why?  Does anybody remember that Old fella, prior Prime Minister Chretien? And the job that he procured for himself after leaving office? Yeah, he works for China, likely making millions. What interest does China have in hiring a retired Canadian lawyer? It seems a little odd doesn't it? If he didn't land the job for his trained vocation then why did they hire him? Could it be for his deep political and military connections? Could it be for his ability to network within our system and promote Beijing friendly legislation? Interesting isn't it? The guy was in his 80s and was already financially secure. How much money would it take to convince someone like that to continue to work until he died? It seems to me that there must be some dark perks to entice a man with his accolades to live part time in a communist country.

While Chretien was in power, CSIS published a report warning that China was infiltrating positions of power. Try and find that on Google now. Google doesn't want you to find it.

We need to recognize where the attack on Western democracy is centralized and organized from. There are proxies that seem to work with China. How did the WHO go insane during COVID? How did the WEF get so influential so quickly? It takes a lot of money to get that loud and large. Soros can't fund everything. Blackrock can't fund everything. China has more money than a million Soros. Too many conservatives are overly focused on the proxies and oblivious to the Communist Chinese Elephant in the room. Yeah, we have to contend with the proxies too, but pay attention to the larger narrative.

The end game is clear. Oil is power. He who has the power controls the world. China is pushing the Western world to dump their power. And China is buying it up with Western money.  And there are dubious Western Fascists that are attempting to work with China to precipitate the Free Worlds collapse. They believe they can keep China at an arms length and set up a Western version of the CCP after its demise; with themselves in control. They follow the pathway of Danton and Robespierre. 

Do not be deceived by the Red's Green Communist Propaganda. And don't be deceived by a compromised media and treasonous politicians. 

It's time for a new Cold war to combat global warming.

Or maybe I'm just crazy,

Ask Abe.