Alberta UCP diluting Professional designations and qualifications - Engineering Canada

Premier Danielle Smith is tabling legislation (Bill 7) that will dilute professional credentialing and allow unqualified individuals to appropriate and use professional designations and titles. This level of stupid needs to be stopped before it further progresses and people get killed. And sadly, Alberta is the harbinger for other provinces to follow suite with this ridiculous legislation: the woke apparently begins here in Alberta. And note that NDP Rachel Notley supports Danielle's ideological leaning in this endeavor! Is there no sane voices left in our UCP cabinets?

Here's a portion of the article from Engineering Canada:

The Government of Alberta has introduced legislation that would change the province’s Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act to enable .. companies and workers to use the title “software engineer” without holding a professional engineering license ...

These proposed changes ... set Alberta apart from other provinces and territories in Canada ...To practice engineering in Canada, or to use the title “engineer,” you must hold and maintain a license from one of Canada's 12 engineering regulators ...

In a statement, APEGA registrar and CEO Jay Nagendran reiterated that “title protection is vital to preserving public safety and maintaining high standards of practice and ethics” ...

And as reported by EP&T:

Canada’s engineering regulators are united in opposition to Alberta’s Bill 7.

The title of ‘engineer’ is a protected term in Canada, meant to ensure that professionals have met rigorous standards that safeguard public interest.

"... we firmly believe that allowing the use of the term ‘engineer’ by unlicensed individuals undermines the public trust and compromises safety,”

The open-ended nature of Bill 7 is also concerning. As drafted, it would allow the government to extend the exemption to other titles through regulations.

“This exemption and the open-ended nature of the regulations set a dangerous precedent for other jurisdictions in Canada ... “It risks eroding the established framework of professional regulation and could extend beyond engineering, impacting fields such as medicine and health, among others.”


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