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Premier Moe says Saskatchewan will stop collecting Trudeau's carbon tax on heating if no federal break is given.

Starting Jan. 1, the provincial gas utility SaskEnergy will refuse to collect the tax!

Trudeau's new carbon tax on home heating has been given a tax exemption for heating fluid, and remains in full force for natural gas, despite the fact that heating fluid has a far heavier carbon foot print when burnt (hypocrisy much!!). So it seems the tax has more to do with politics and power dynamics than the green cults disdain for fossil fuels. This is because Eastern Canada is fairly reliant on home heating fluid while Western Canada is more reliant on natural gas.

In a video released on the X platform Premier Moe demanded that the federal government stop the selective and discriminatory carbon tax which targets different regions and people inequitably across Canada. 

Moe stated:

"Effective January 1st, SaskEnergy will stop collecting and submitting the carbon tax on natural gas, effectively providing Saskatchewan residents with the very same exemption that the federal government is giving heating oil in Atlantic Canada."

This is illegal and while I support Moe in his sentiment, he should seek to kill this legislation via the courts and seek a court injunction to halt it's destructive implementation. The solution to Trudeau acting unlawfully isn't for our Premiers to act unlawfully - we are conservatives that love our constitution, not communists that want to destroy it. We have legal recourse and WOULD win if intelligent constitutional lawyers took it on.

That said, this really puts Trudeau in a pickle. Arresting Moe could spark an Alberta-Saskatchewan separation rebellion. Or inversely, it could scare all politicians to fall in line with Trudeau's dictation. 

This just underscores the need for a Provincial police force in Alberta (and Saskatchewan). The RCMP answers to Trudeau. But law enforcement is governed by jurisdiction. If there is no RCMP in the Province, than Trudeau can't have anyone arrested by them. A Provincial police force, by contrast, would answer to the electorate of Saskatchewan (who is represented by Moe), not to Trudeau.

Or maybe I'm just crazy,

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  1. I saw a Saskatchewan ad earlier today, where they were saying they're converting to nuclear power (I skipped the ad, so it may have been only partial). So, Moe is trying to move away from natural gas so he would have a legal reason for not collecting carbon tax, whilst also keeping Sasks warm for the winter.
    It is sad what has happened to Canada, our beloved country.


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