China Scientists say more Air Pollution is needed to save the World - Reuters

China and top "scientists" are now telling us that we need more air pollution (Link). 

Maybe this is why China is building more coal power plants than the entire world combined. Maybe this is why they are permitting 2 new coal power plants per week. It's reported that the coal power capacity starting construction in China is six times as large as that in all of the rest of the world combined. And maybe this is why they are funding politicians in the West to shut down our coal power plants. And maybe this is why they are leading a world wide effort to de-carbonize the West. You see, it's about power and prosperity. And he that has coal has both.

Here's what those shrills at Reuters are now reporting (they ate up the man made Global warming nonsense, and now they are starting to nibble on this):

Air pollution ... is shielding us from the full force of the sun. Getting rid of it will accelerate climate change.

Yes, you heard that right, apparently we now have to pollute more to combat climate change.

That's the unpalatable conclusion reached by scientists poring (sic) over the results of China's decade-long and highly effective "war on pollution", according to six leading climate experts. ...

Now these idiots (which don't know up from down, right from wrong, or boy from girl) are telling us that pollution: 

... Creates a toxic shield, which scatters and reflects solar radiation ...

And they glowingly report on China's dictator Xi, who is building all these new coal power plants, with this over the top heading:


Yeah, these stupid commie fanboys actually wrote that, lol. He's building thousands of new coal power plants, which last week was causing Global warming, but this week now reduces it! So he's a reuter libtard hero. 

And again to justify this cognitive dissonance:

China's average temperatures have gone up by 0.7 degrees Celsius since 2014, triggering fiercer heatwaves, according to a Reuters review of meteorological data and the scientists interviewed.

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