Whistle blower, Trudeau Green Lies - CPC Newsletter

A whistleblower just EXPOSED the Trudeau government and unmasked Liberal lies and a massive coverup.

“The minister has spoken on the record multiple times that he was only briefed on the outcome on August 27th, but that’s definitely not true, and he has lied”.

Whistleblower, Dec 11, 2023

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is nothing but a green slush fund to make Liberal insiders rich and cover it up.

Their secrets must be exposed.

$150 million in taxpayer money was misappropriated in the name of “green” spending.

Dozens of people were allegedly abused for trying to tell the truth.

Numerous conflict of interest violations by Liberal ministers.

And Liberal-appointed slush fund board members funnelled (sic) $600,000 of taxpayer dollars to make themselves richer.


Abusing taxpayer dollars, Liberal insiders fattening their bank accounts, fake green vanity, and coverup upon coverup.

It’s clear that the rot is at the root -- the Trudeau government.

Printed verbatim from CPC Newsletter Dec 12/ 2023.