Trudeau STUNNED after CBC anchor calls him OUT! - Northern Prespective - Radio/Video


"Trudeau STUNNED after CBC anchor calls him OUT!"

Okay, their title is a little over stated, I'd say the CBC gently pushed him, but credit where credit is due, there was a slight push back. And considering she's interviewing her employer and he could have her fired, it's something. At least they didn't faun over his socks or ask for a selfie!

What does it mean when the CBC politely asks an occasional real question? It means they are signalling to Trudeau that they want him to gracefully step down. The CBC wants Soro's loving Freeland to be the next Prime Minister. However, Trudeau isn't biting. If you recall, this same tension arose during the last election cycle. Do you remember when Trudeau tossed Freeland under the bus over the COVID lock-downs. She was put in charge of closing the bank accounts of the Truckers. And she was his official spokesperson pushing that narrative. The hate was associated with her face. He's petty and recognized her as a threat, and gave the CBC a warning that he could destroy her unless they played nice.

Whatever the CBC's intention, if he refuses to step aside, they will carry his water to their grave.