Trudeau's use of Emergencies act ruled illegal - 2 Videos


Vindication at last. Canada's constitution bitch slapped a tyrannical Trudeau. You can never stop evil people from trying to be dictators, but you can stop them from being dictators. That is the foundation upon which Canada was set. So for those supposed conservatives on my social media streams that wish to construct a new constitution, know that you are working for Soros and are no better than Trudeau. Don't be a useful idiot. At least Trudeau was likely paid to do Soro's bidding, these ignoramuses are unwittingly doing it for free. 

And for you social media liberals that supported the Trudeau government on this, who chastised conservatives and spit at Truckers: you supported illegality, you supported the violation of Constitutional rights, and you supported evil.

Next, I'd like to see the Truckers and the de-banked use this decision to sue for damages. A class action law suite to hit the ball out of the park and bring our runners home. But don't sue the government of Canada (which you could do), I suggest you sue the Liberal Party of Canada. Bankrupt them. 

Video 1: Court rules Trudeau's invocation of Emergencies Act was UNREASONABLE and UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Video 2: Lawyer Explains Emergencies Act Decision - Deep Dive