Danielle Smith Pension faker? - Ask Abe

Over the winter I noticed something. The Alberta government had 3 signs in Edmonton that were still promoting COVID vaccinations. Simultaneous to this, I never saw one UCP or Alberta government sign promoting a provincial pension plan.

This article isn’t about promoting or demoting the merits or dangers different ideological fronts may posit on MRNA vaccines, it’s about elucidating hypocrisy within the top epsilon of Alberta’s governing party.

What does Danielle Smith actually believe, and what does she use for political expediency?

Danielle used the COVID pandemic as a political bludgeon, presenting herself as a vanguard anti lockdown, anti vax warrior. This despite the fact that she personally sued the Federal Government for greater vaccine access. She actually traveled to the USA to have the COVID vaccination when her preferred flavor wasn’t available yet. This was a woman that was submerged in COVID terror. Actions speak truth and flying to the USA for a vax is hysterical, as is sueing the Feds to have the shot. This isn’t to denigrate a natural reaction to a media hyped pandemic, it’s to illustrate who she is verses how she’s perceived. The founding Wildrose party’s patronage is well aware of this deceptive dynamic.

The point of bringing up the signage is this: I haven’t seen any Provincial signage promoting an Alberta Pension Plan. Maybe they’re there … but I haven’t seen them. We have Danielle Smith spending provincial dollars promoting “get the COVID vax”, long after it meant anything (if it ever did); But we have no tax spending on educating the plebs on the massive benefits of a provincial pension.

The most important political objective in Alberta is to dump the CPP and institute a Provincial Pension Plan. This is the moment to get this done. Perhaps the only moment. And this will take time and money to educate the public on why this is necessary. This needs government promotion. But … such promotion doesn’t exist outside of several small and insignificant private conservative entities. Every government press conference should be extolling the benefits and selling this plan. Danielle Smith and her MPs should be hosting Town halls, explaining why this is needed. Albertans are fearful of losing their pensions, but the government isn’t promoting this policy and explaining how it benefits Albertans. There is no press coverage, no government flyers being mailed out, nothing on the Alberta Government websites, nothing anywhere. Unless a reporter specifically asks, the topic never comes up. We are being purposefully setup to lose a referendum! Furthermore, Danielle Smith said the government will not be bound by the referendum if we vote “Yes”. Danielle will take it under advisement as to `whether-or-not’ she’ll allow us to decide the fates of our retirement. So, the people of Alberta won’t decide? Danielle will? Then what’s the purpose of this referendum? It really does sound like we are being set up to lose. And this is all being orchestrated by Danielle Smith.  

So why is the Alberta government paying for three COVID vaccination signs in Edmonton (and who knows how many across Alberta), and no Alberta pension plan signage? Well, that’s easy, it’s because Danielle smith wants you perpetually vaxxed, and doesn’t care about an Alberta pension plan. Actions speak truth. 

Or maybe I'm just crazy,

Ask Abe.