Danielle Smith dislikes Bible? - Ask Abe.

Getting to know the Real Danielle Smith.

Danielle Smith is the first UCP Premier to refuse to be sworn into office on a Bible. She doesn’t recognize its authority and refused to affirm the God described in its pages. Further, she is the first conservative premier in Alberta’s history to refuse to be sworn into office on the holy Bible. All of them: Lougheed, Getty, Stelmach, Hancock, King Ralph, Prentice, heck, even Alison Redford swore an oath in reverence to the God of the Bible to uphold their office. But not Danielle Smith. Danielle swore by her own authority. Notable, NDP Rachel Notley also refused to be sworn into office on a holy Bible.

Smith, no Bible, just papers with a written statement.



Yet here is Danielle Smith praying to a pagan god. She claims to be an agnostic, but is quick to prostrate herself to the authority of something other than Christianity; in this case paganism. It is interesting that she seems to have no qualms about participating in other religious traditions, she only seems morally motivated to resist the founding religion of the country in which she was born. To single Christianity out like this seems to suggest a distain for it and the Word of God. 

Smith praying to hindu god.

Smith again praying to hindu god.

Now if you're not a Christian conservative, you're just a fiscal conservative, this post isn't for you. But if you're a Christian and you thought Danielle was like minded, perhaps it's time you started paying closer attention to what's transpiring and has transpired. As I pointed out, this is the first bloody conservative premier of Alberta, in the history of Alberta, that REFUSED to put her hand on a Holy Bible and to swear by it's righteous authority, before the eyes of Almighty God. And that my brethren ... is significant: significantly bad.

Or maybe I'm just crazy,

Ask Abe.