Trudeau's Statutory Rape accuser was "really, really young"? - The Buffalo Chronical

This alleged story of Trudeau committing statutory rape against a child student when he was a teacher doesn't seem to be going away. A new article is alleging the girl was possibly much younger than previously thought.

"Some in the public discourse pegged the accuser at 17 years old. That is inaccurate".
“She was much, much younger than that,”
I dislike the sound of "much, much younger". The story also claims the source of the information was the girls father.
Trudeau "was discovered by his accuser’s father at their family home"

 So ... they're saying Trudeau did a booty call to a tweens house; in her parents home?! What? Did he rape her on her Hello Kitty comforter?  If this is true, he's the sickest bastard to ever walk the earth. All alleged of course. Comment below on whether you believe or disbelieve the veracity of the allegations.

It makes you wonder where the RCMP are on this? Whether or not a person has a non-disclosure agreement signed by the victim is irrelevant to a criminal proceeding. The victim doesn't have to consent to charges against the perp., the police would just investigate and incarcerate. 

Oh yeah, I forgot that the RCMP commissioner is appointed by the Prime Minister: (technically, Trudeau appoints the Governor General, who then receives a recommendation from Trudeau on who to select as the Police commissioner, and then selects Trudeau's pick). And if the Commissioner tells the boots on the ground NOT to investigate Trudeau ... they don't. We essentially saw that with the SNC Lavalin scandal.

Whatever, we're just relaying what the investigative team at the Buffalo Chronical has alleged!

Read the Full Buffalo Chronicle article HERE

Or maybe I'm just crazy, 

Ask Abe.